Moxon’s mould

Moxon’s mould follows the French pattern

The motivations for this project were twofold. First I needed a mould to check out my punch cutting. Second, I had in the past, studied Moxon’s illustrations of his mould quite carefully but could not fully understand them. I needed to build his mould to check the description and illustrations and to gain an insight into the practical problems and difficulties of mould making in the period before the advent of accurate milling machinery. I published an account of the building of the mould in 1996 in The Printing Historical Society’s Bulletin, but this publication is now defunct. Since then I have made a number of other copies of his mould and in 2015 I revised my original paper and re-published it in the PHS Journal 13 and as a PDF on this site’s ‘Links and references’ page. It is a step by step account of the making of each mould part and follows the order in which Moxon set out his description.

Moxon’s illustrations and text are detailed but there are a number of omissions in both which are not obvious at first glance. Actually building the mould, was I believe, the only certain way that these inaccuracies could have been brought to light.


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