A press for ‘The Great’

‘The Great’ is a satirical television comedy drama based on the story of Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia. The ten episodes of the first season were released on Hulu in May and are currently running on BBC’s Channel 4.

A printing press was needed in one of the scenes and I was asked to build it but there just wasn’t sufficient time before filming needed to start. I suggested that they approach the ‘Outlander’ studio about the possibility of borrowing or hiring one of the two presses that I built for them in 2016. Outlander did not wish to do this but Reading University’s Department of Typography and Graphic Communication for whom I had built a similar press in 2011 agreed to do so. My ex-colleague Martin Andrews supervised the moving of the press from Reading to The Three Mills Studios in East London and installed it in the magnificent mocked up palace that you see in the photo below. He also, over a period of three days, trained a number of studio assistants to use the press properly.

The Palace