Model common presses

The decision to start by building the model turned out to be a good one, as from it, I gained a knowledge of the details of the common press before embarking on a full sized version. However, some of the metal bits for the model were quite tricky to do, particularly the tympan hinges and the thin riveted reinforcements for the tympan and frisket. On my first model I cut everything out by hand but later found that it was possible to have several of the small metal parts laser cut which was a real time saver.

Soon after completion the model was shown to Alan Marshall who was the senior administrator at Musée de l’imprimerie, Lyon. Several other people also expressed interest in the quarter scale model including The Musée des arts et métiers, Paris, who ordered two of them . In the end I finished up building seven.

Quarter scale models of the Franklin Press
quarter scale model
Close up of one of the quarter scale models

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